075 - Spelt Wholemeal

Yes, the numbering scheme is totally arbitrary. But it makes it easy to reference/look-up posts later. I'm still waiting on this one to cool. but hoping I'll remember to take a crumb shot before I devour it with the slightly-overripe avocados sitting in my kitchen. I miss having a real not-phone camera.

Baking has always been a meditative experience for me. Forced me to slow down, pay attention, be ready to adapt, and to be patient. It started out totally innocently. As a weirdo that loves to cook and generally orients myself in time in relation to meals and things I eat, when my friend's dad asked me if I wanted to help him make bread for dinner I jumped at the chance. Then I made my first soda bread and first loaf with dry yeast for dinner the next two days. A few days after that, my (friend's dad) gave me a bread baking book, and I was off to the races. The best bread I'd ever had was from Tartine bakery in SF, and immediately I set my sights on baking bread just like that. Soon, I filled all the in-between spaces of my sleepless nights and long days with little bread experiments, and I started this blog as a way to catalog and keep my notes. For a while, I really did bake bread everyday, sometimes leaving social events to stick to the feeding schedule for the "goop I keep in my cupboard" as another friend quizzically termed it. The last few years, I've struggled to make time for myself, and the baking has more or less come to a full stop, but I occasionally rediscover the goop in my cupboard, and relearn what it's like to slow things down (and eat way too much cheese). Here's loaf two of my most recent awakening. Didn't really keep track of what I did and when, but some rough notes below.

MIX & AUTOLYSE // 100SP 400WM 300WA 120ST
MIX // 50WA 8SA
(Guide for reading my notations here)

Lots of stretch and fold in a warm kitchen over a few (3-4?) hours. Shaped and retarded overnight in the fridge (17ish) hours. Baked in a combo cooker at 230C/450F for about an hour.


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