009 - Basic White #7

Basic White Bread
January 26, 2011

Same ratio as before using Dove's strong white flour - used hot water. Dough was moderately sticky throughout, shaped up better than Leckford Estate did (lower gluten content?). Shaped into round and left to rise for 2.5 hours, then tried a bit of modified folding methods to shape before proving. Wasn't able to get the seam to close when rolling the dough, expected the bottom to billow out a bit. Dough didn't quite double after about 30 minutes but I slashed, sprayed, and steamed as always. Expanded quite well, tried to lower the temp of my unmanageable oven.. ended up being too low so I baked for about 40 minutes. Bottom cracked and expanded as expected.. not pretty.

Taste/texture notes to follow.


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