Guest Bread - Daniel's Wholemeal/Rye Bread

Guest Bread - Daniel Crampton
Wholemeal and Rye Bread
February 8, 2011

Daniel whipped up a 50:50 blend of Waitrose Organic Wholemeal and Bacheldre Stoneground Rye Flour, at a 500:350:5:10 ratio. Haven't tasted it yet but it looks and smells great. In case he forgets himself, these were the steps:

1. Combine flour, warm water, yeast until no bits of dough are left in the mixing bowl
2. Leave to sit for 30 minutes (Autolyse)
3. Add salt to dough, then knead until desirable consistency is reached
4. Bulk fermentation 3-4 hours
5. Fold and shape loaf
6. Proving (final fermentation), 30 minutes

Look for Daniel to share some thoughts about his bread and the breadmaking process soon.


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