022 - Soda Bread #5

Soda Bread
March 10, 2011

It's been a while since I've made bread; been exhausted everyday. Made a quick soda bread with some milk and butter rather unsuccessfully, so I chose a photo that highlight the food more than the bread itself. A bit of embarrassment, but nothing close to the disaster that was my last soda bread (016). The food was roasted potatoes and tomatoes with some Stilton, seasoned with some salt, pepper, and merken. 

Used 250:150:5 ratio of flour, milk, salt with 1t baking powder. Mixed well and and added butter just before baking. I didn't mix the butter in well enough, so the butter leaked from the bottom of the loaf while cooking - and I forgot about the bread briefly so it overcooked a bit, making the crust harder than usual. The crumb was very moist and gummy, perhaps due to the milk. I'll attempt this again the next time I have the ingredients around and I need soda bread. 


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