029 - Sourdough #4

Wholemeal Sourdough Bread
May 9, 2011

Leaven was made using the same treatment as the post below, loaf 028. Sourdough starter mixed with 100g each of tap water and Dove's bread flour. Used Shipton Mill's wholemeal flour for the bread itself. 

[500WM - 211L - 300WA] Autolyse 20 Minutes#
[50WA - 10SA] Mix and Bulk Ferment. 

Wanted to keep this one simple as I already had 028 on its final fermentation when I got started. There was only one round of fermentation, the first one; this lasted 4h20m. The dough expanded roughly 50% in size during the fermentation. After fermentation I shaped the dough into a round and it exhibited a bit of droop, so I shaped it into a round once more and then left it to prove for a brief 20 minutes. Due to the nature of the wholemeal dough, shaping was more like playing with play-doh than the stretching and folding of the white loaf. The closest texture I can think of is that of somewhat medium-coarse wet sand or mud. The dough managed to lump together, but broke easily (did not stretch much) and was quite sticky. I cooked this in a pre-heated and floured dutch oven for 1 hour on the dot. 

The resulting bread was a very dense wholemeal bread that had a sweet and mild flavor. There was a hint of sour-ness, which surprised me, since I tried the wholemeal and white (028) sourdoughs at practically the same time and the white sourdough had no acidic flavor whatsoever. This would have been great with borscht but didn't manage to last very long. My building's 12th floor tenants managed to put a dent in this loaf pretty quickly. 


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