027 - Sourdough #2

White Bread
April 12, 2011

Made the leaven for this bread by mixing about 1T (tablespoon) of my sourdough starter with about 100g white flour and 100g cold water and leaving for 12 hours. The resulting leaven should be gassy enough to float in water, but on this occasion my leaven did not pass the float test. I decided to go with it anyway, since my previous sourdough (loaf 020) turned out relatively okay (other than suffering from oversalting) and the leaven for that loaf failed the float test as well. 

[400WM - 100WW - 350WATER - 100LEAVEN] Autolyse 20 Min. 
[50WATER - 10SALT] Mix well, Bulk Fermentation.

Folded the dough in the bowl every 30 minutes during the total 3h30m bulk fermentation. Shaped into a round and bench rested no the counter for 30 minutes, folded the dough into a stubby cylinder and left to prove for 1h30m. Slashed the dough lengthwise and the loaf lost tension immediately, drooping into roughly the same shape you see above. Steamed the oven and sprayed the loaf with water, leaving it to cook for about 1h15m.

The resulting bread did not rise very much and ended up quite similar in shape and taste as loaf 018. The texture was somewhat gummy and the crumb did not exhibit too much bounce. Air pockets were medium in size and inconsistently shaped but not to the bread's detriment. Certainly not the prettiest looking bread I've ever made. Since I made this nearly a month before posting about it, I've had a lot of time to think about it and I should have let my sourdough starter mature before using it.

Updates on the starter and new loaves coming shortly. I've been baking, damn it. 


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