031 - Sourdough #6

Country Sourdough Bread
May 18, 2011

For the record, when I write "country" that's just my way of saying I used a mixture of strongwhite flour and wholemeal flour. Most of the so-called country loaves seem to be mixtures of the two, so it seemed a good shortcut. This loaf was a bit disappointing, as it was supposed to be like loaf 030 but better. I didn't get much rise out of it, as you can see from the photo above - I did bake free form on a sheet instead of in the dutch oven. 

[300W - 200WM - 350WA - 220LE] Autolyse 25 min
[50WA - 10SA] Mix, bulk ferment 2 hrs, folding each 30 min

Went with a blend of Allinson's strongwhite flour and Shipton Mill's wholemeal flour. Unfortunately I forgot to write about it (and I didn't even get photos until two days later - most of my loaves don't last two days but this one was not very popular) and so I don't have any extensive notes or thoughts. I can't even remember how I made it or how it tastes, just that I was disappointed. I think I might have rushed the proving process or messed it up during shaping. Will have to stay up to date on posts to keep track of info next time.


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