062 - White Rye Sourdough

[350W - 150RY - 220LE - 350WA] mix, autolyse 1hr (1340 - 1440)
[7SA - 50WA] mix, bulk ferment 3hr 20m, stretch & fold every 30m (1440 - 1800)

tried to shape it. keep sticking to wooden cutting board.
gave up and stuck it in the fridge for 17.5hrs (1800 - 1130)

boiling water into a hot pan for steam, baked for 20m @ 500'F
baked another 40m @ 400'F

King Arthur Unbleached Bread Flour
Bob's Red Mill Organic Dark Rye Flour

During bulk fermentation, saw maybe a 30% increase in volume. Did not feel very airy after four hours, but rushed it because I was in a hurry. Saw another 30% increase while it was in in the fridge, and it was much more pillowy by the time I put it in the oven, thought it was still very sticky.

Decent oven spring, slashes opened up only slightly, and the bottom of the loaf broke up because of poor shaping. Not the prettiest loaf I've ever made. Was expecting to be able to dump the dough in a combo cooker without shaping - cooker went inexplicably missing. Tried to shape it by hand on a wooden cutting board after fermentation - without much luck. Dough kept sticking to the board and my shaping skills are more than rusty.

Resulting loaf was surprisingly sour (just a touch, but I hadn't expected it) and tasted pretty strongly of rye. Dense and gummy crumb, only a single layered crust, and not very chewy.

Using a sourdough culture given to me by a friend. Apparently it's from Germany. Think this is only my first or second sourdough loaf in the states, as I've had some trouble getting a starter going the few times I've tried. The numbering scheme is back. I'm guessing, but as long as it's roughly accurate that's okay.


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