070 / 071 Spelt White Sourdough Loaves

made two mini loaves. i don't know why it only now occurred to me that i might coat sesame bread with sesame seeds. someone else wanted a hand at shaping my dough and it turned out much prettier than mine. I baked the loaves nearly 8 hours apart, but I think both baked alright. the longer loaf was baked earlier and the round loaf was baked later. gave the first loaf away, so no clue what the crumb looks like till later. 

MIX // 400W 100SP 375WA // AUTOLYSE // (0000) // 15:30
MIX // 100W 100WA 30ST // LEAVEN // (0000) // 15:30

another long autolysis with the young leaven being mixed/made over the same period. at the moment, I used central milling's bread flour to make my leaven, which is what I used for the loaf (along with bob's red mill spelt flour). extended it much longer than last time to test how far it can go, and how different it feels. after fifteen and a half hours, it felt good but a bit exhausted and kinda gloopy.

MIX // 230LE + 60SE + DOUGH // BULK FERMENTATION // (1530 - 1830) // 3:00 

oops. was so excited about adding toasted black sesame seeds ('SE') to my dough that I forgot to add salt to my dough. I think this contributed to the difficulty of shaping the dough later on. 

BULK FERMENTATION // STRETCH & FOLD // (1600, 1630, 1700, 1730, 1800) 

dough felt relatively dense/tight throughout the bulk fermentation, while still remaining somewhat sticky. 

SHAPING, BENCH REST // (1830) // 00:15

split the dough into two and shaped each separately. each dough weighed 555g. both were shaped into basic boules and left to sit. I was a bit over enthusiastic with mine, and the outermost layer teared at one point - had to start over and shape again. my brother shaped the other dough, trying his hand for the first time. did pretty well. 

SHAPING, PROOF // (1845 - 0745 / 1530) // 13:00 / 20:45

shaped my dough into a batard and left in a loaf tin to retard. had trouble getting the seam to close, so I worried a bit about whether it would grow much during the proof. it didnt, really. my brother opted to shape into a boule again, and managed much better this time than the initial shaping. seam sealed easily, good surface tension on the bread. placed in a small covered bowl lined with cling film, seam side up. showed a decent amount of growth while in the fridge.

BAKING // BATARD // (0745)

slashed the dough lengthwise with a bread knife - the knife dragged slightly, which distorted the shape of the loaf. the photos show this pretty well. threw some boiling water into a hot pan in the oven and sprayed water over the top of the dough before tossing in the over. gave it 20 minutes at 550 degrees F, then lowered to 425 for another 30 minutes. decent oven spring, but the shaping could  have been better. 

BAKING // BOULE // (1530)

used scissors to slash this loaf, as I didn't want to deform the dough while slashing it with a dull knife like the day's previous loaf. put into a heated dutch oven at 550 degrees F for 15 minutes, then finished the dough at 400 for another 40 minutes. good oven spring, increasing in size 20-30%. 


(no tasting notes on the batard - boule only) dreaded tasting this bread after realizing that I had forgotten to put in the salt. tasted pretty strongly of toasted black sesame, but pretty bland otherwise. it also occurred to me that a sesame bread might  be well served being covered with sesame seeds instead of flour.

the crumb showed small to small-medium sized air pockets, more or less consistently distributed across the loaf and each cross-section. the sesame seeds were dispersed evenly throughout. the crust was crunchy without being too dense or hard to bite. all in all, successful loaf other than the omission of salt in the dough. 

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