072 - Spelt Country Loaf

working on my shaping. I'm always working on my shaping. better shaped doughs make for prettier loaves, which I don't get many of. boules are the easiest, and also bake best because they fit in a dutch oven. this free-form stuff, not so great at. again, I was too meek in scoring this loaf, so the slashes didn't really open up and the bottom of the loaf broke open. 

MIX // 300W 100SP 100WM 400WA // AUTOLYSE // (1400) // 6:30
MIX // 100W 100WA 25ST // LEAVEN // (1400) // 6:30

MIX // 225LE + 7SA + DOUGH // BULK FERMENTATION // (2030 - 2330) // 3:00 

BULK FERMENTATION // STRETCH & FOLD // (2100, 2130, 2200, 2230, 2300) 

SHAPING, BENCH REST // (2330) // 00:15

SHAPING, PROOF // (2345 - 1000) // 10:15

gained a bit of volume over 10 hours, as shown in the before & after photo above.

BAKING // (1000) // 00:50


i forgot to write notes for this loaf and i've baked two other loaves since. i've forgotten most things about it. tight crumb structure. fairly sweet and mild. the bottom crust is a bit hard. starting to think that I need to keep the dough more moist while retarding - might help the crust texture and also add some elasticity to prevent the loaf from breaking. the crumb of this loaf is super moist, retaining moisture much better than my average loaf. Even the previously cut/exposed side is pretty soft after sitting outside a few hours. 


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