073 - Spelt Wholemeal Bread

I think I forgot to post this last February because I meant to write up taste and texture notes. I've long forgotten what it was like, but I'm posting it because it's already here. 

funny looking loaf. I'm always working on my shaping. better shaped doughs make for prettier loaves, which I don't get many of. boules are the easiest, and also bake best because they fit in a dutch oven. this free-form stuff, not so great at. again, I was too meek in scoring this loaf, so the slashes didn't really open up and the bottom of the loaf broke open. 

MIX // 470WM 30SP 350WA 65ST // AUTOLYSE // (0000) // 9:30
MIX // 25WA (hot) + 7SA + DOUGH // BULK FERMENTATION // (0930 - 1200) // 3:00 

BULK FERMENTATION // STRETCH & FOLD // (1000, 1030, 1100, 1130) 

SHAPING, BENCH REST // (1200) // 00:15

SHAPING, PROOF // (1215 - 0950) // 19:35


BAKING // (0950 - 1050) // 01:00

removed the combo-cooker lid after a solid 30 minutes. The slashes opened up more than i had expected, resulting in the petal-shape of the final loaf. was hoping for a circular loaf with three slashes, but there you have it. there wasn't a ton of oven spring - each section of the loaf expanded a bit, but there wasn't any of the typical cooling-cracking when the loaf was done baking. this leads me to believe that the scoring was too prominent, moving the part of the loaf away from each other and letting out a lot of the gas. im also not discounting that the dough was almost entirely made of wholemeal dough, so I should have expected less expansion and elasticity in the first place. 




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