014 - Basic White #10

Basic White Bread
February 4, 2011

Same ingredients and ratio as bread 012. Mixed, autolysed, skipped kneading and turned in mixing bowl. Had a forgetful spell and left it to raise for 5:45hrs. Dough was deflated and smelled of alcohol after bulk fermentation - Bench rested for 10 minutes and folded/shaped into a round before final fermentation of 2 hours. Again, I managed not to flour the container properly, and the dough ripped and stuck when transferring it to the dutch oven to bake. Didn't even attempt to slash it this time.. This made for quite a humble looking bread. Cooked with cover on for 12 minutes and another 30 minutes without.

Crust was crunchy enough, with slightly chewy interior and evenly sized air pockets. As noticeable in the photo, the bread failed to rise very much. I'm sure some of the air-pocket structure and the lack of expansion were due to the lack of kneading, while some of it was due to the extended bulk fermentation. The taste of the bread was somewhere in between 010 and 012. The bubble-structure of 012 was much better, with larger and unevenly spaced pockets of air making for a very light bread. Today's bread might be better suited to puddings.


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