017 - Wholemeal #1 (Where's the Bread Section?)

Wholemeal Bread
February 14, 2011

Baked a simple wholemeal loaf for Patricio and Veronica to eat. Patricio and I were walking through Sainsbury's yesterday and he says to me "I need to buy bread. Where's the bread section?" Hopefully he isn't disappointed that I convinced him not to buy anything from the market. 

400 wholemeal - 100 strongwhite - for a 500g loaf. I'm off to deliver the fresh loaf! More notes to come.

Autolysed this dough for 30 minutes and added salt and a bit of water, kneading it slightly in the bowl. Left to rise for 3 hours, folding over itself in the bowl every 30 minutes. The yeast was extremely active and the dough continued to rise after being folded each time. Shaped into a round, bench rested for 30 minutes, proved 20 minutes on the counter-top, then slashed, steamed, and baked. I'll ask Patricio and Veronica for their thoughts on the taste and texture of the bread. 


  1. Pato just brought the loaf a few minutes ago. I was really impatient because he told me before that it was delicious.
    The colour of the bread is amazing and the decoration with the white lines of flour is really nice.
    I just picked a little bit of bread and tasted it: the crust was really crunchy and the crumb was very soft, elastic and a little moist. How did you do it? In general, breads with crunchy crust are dried on the inside... You are a genius!!
    The bread was delicious and I could actually taste the flavour of the wholemeal, something that we are not very used to as in our country everythigh is very salty and this impairs flavours to emerge.
    We are really amazed about the bread and very grateful!!
    And of course Pato is not dissapointed; he says that we are not buyibg bread from the supermarket again...
    Thank you very much, Steve!!!