018 - Basic White #12

Basic White Bread
February 14, 2011

Utter failure that this was, I managed to make bread that look like biscotti! Reminds me of the lovely cantuccini alle nocciole made by my friend Polly. Whilst transferring the dough to the baking pan, I dropped a tin on it and managed to completely flatten it out into an irrevocable bread pancake. I lost the original structure of the dough and ended up with what you see above. Thankfully it didn't taste too bad - enjoyed some blue cheese and chorizo brought over by Daan and Andreas. Onto the bread notes. 

350g white, 150g wholemeal, 400g water, 5g yeast, 10g salt. Mixed all but the salt and about 20g of water and left to autolyse for thirty minutes. Next, I added the salt and remaining water and kneaded until the dough stretched until nearly translucent (3 minutes?). Shaped into a round and left to rise for 3 hours for the bulk fermentation. Getting the dough back onto the work surface, I shaped into a round after flouring the surface of the dough, and left to bench rest for twenty minutes. Folded over into a stubby cylinder and left to prove for 3:45 in a loaf tin with a tea towel coated with rye flour. All but destroyed the bread transferring it to the baking sheet and baked it for about 1 hour (pouring steaming water into the oven as the loaf went in). 

Taste was similar to loaf 014 and crust and crumb were similar in texture as well. I'll be reading much more about folding and proving techniques, as this seems to play the dominant part in the final bubble structure and shape of the loaf. 

..Sourdoughs are coming! My starter is on a rampage and might be ready to use in a day or two. 


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