019 - Wholemeal #2

Wholemeal Bread
February 18, 2011

I'm starting to get quite familiar with failures. This bread was timed wrong and I ended up trying to revive a bread that had been sitting in a warm kitchen for more than 13 hours. 

350g wholemeal, 150g white, 450g water, 5g yeast, 10g salt. Autolysed for 30 minuters, then added the salt, a bit of water, and mixed well, leaving to rise without kneading. The idea was to fold the dough over every 30 minutes during the bulk fermentation instead of kneading. I folded it twice before I had to leave. 

After sitting for 13 hours, the dough had a slightly sour odor but surprisingly hadn't collapsed. The dough was very fluid. Folded it feverishly but it refused to hold its shape so I baked it without a proving period - otherwise it would have been a pancake before it even made it into the oven.

Surprisingly, the dough demonstrated some oven spring after about 15 minutes even while pancake-ing outwards. Baked for 1 hour, crumb was undercooked slightly while crust was crunchy and tasted nice. Left in the warm oven for an additional 20 minutes, but the dough never fully cooked. The bread did taste slightly sour, but it didn't make anyone sick. I'm going to have to promise never to leave a dough sitting out that long without care. 


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