026 - Wholemeal #4

Wholemeal Bread
March 27, 2011

[350WM - 150RYE - 300WATER - 4YEAST] Autolyse
[56WATER - 10SALT] Mix and leave to rest

Did not knead again, folding every 30 minutes during first two hours of bulk fermentation. By this time the dough did not separate easily and could be stretched to about 10in in length before tearing. After first fermentation I transferred the dough to a dutch oven (making sure to coat liberally with rye flour) and slashed it, leaving it in a warm oven (turned off) for 30 minutes.  Next I baked the loaf with lid on for 35 minutes, and another 30 minutes with the lid off. 

The resulting bread has a thick and crunchy crust with small air bubbles and a very grainy and wholesome flavor. The crumb had a fairly consistent structure and retained quite a bit of moisture but was not undercooked. The bread demonstrated almost no oven spring. Next time I'd like to bake another free form loaf, incorporating some folding to see how it affects the amount the dough rises while cooking. 


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