025 - Wholemeal #3

Wholemeal Bread
March 15, 2011

Mixed (400 WHOLEMEAL - 100 RYE - 350 WATER - 5 YEAST) and left to autolyse for 30 minutes. Mixed in (50 WATER - 7 SALT) and kneaded slightly in the mixing bowl. Left dough to raise for 1.5 hours, folding the dough inside the bowl every 30 minutes. 

I did the above before going to bed and left the dough to retard (slower fermentation in the fridge). The dough sat refrigerated for 7.5 hours. It rested in a warm space for 1 hours after retarding and then was shaped and left to prove for 30 minutes. 

The bread was slashed and placed into a steamed (pouring in boiling water) oven and cooked for 1:15. Taste and texture notes to follow. 


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