045 - Apricot and Camembert Soda Bread

Apricot and Camembert Soda Bread
July 6, 2011

Ingredient ratio is shown in the second photo above. Was sitting around a bit bored in the kitchen so I threw together a quick soda bread with apricots and camembert that hadn't been very popular in our flat. A friend of mine recently made a soda bread with Guinness, cheddar, and apples (which worked pretty well, it was sweet and nutty) and I wanted to try a soda bread with fruit and cheese in it. At 100% hydration, the dough was incredibly sticky and required a lot of flour to control. I mixed the ingredients together, shaped the dough into a ball, and slashed a cross into the ball. It took about 30 minutes to cook fully.

The camembert didn't work as well as I had hoped, as the flavor was drowned out a bit and it was a bit too waxy/rubbery to work texturally for this bread. The apricots, on the other hand, worked really well. They weren't very ripe or sweet but this was perfect for the bread as the cooked apricots sort of melted in your mouth. I felt that the dough itself was slightly oversalted, but my friend Benedict disagreed - it wasn't super salty, just a bit much. This loaf was not as light and fluffy as my last soda bread, though I'm not entirely sure why. Despite the camembert, I think I'm sold on the cheese and fruit mixture and want to try it on a yeasted bread.

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