Guest Bread - Benedict's Spelt White

Guest Bread - Benedict
Spelt White Sourdough
July 6, 2011

In case you don't remember, here was Benedict's last appearance on this blog. This time he baked a white/spelt bread similar to my own attempt (040) except with differences in fermenting/retarding times, etc. He had a much longer bulk fermentation ~4hrs compared to my 1.5hrs and spent less time retarding his dough (6 to my 10:15). He was going for the more airy, loose, crumb that we both love but perhaps due to the longer bulk fermentation the crumb had smaller air bubbles and was very soft and spongy. The crust was also quite nice, crackling as it came out of the oven and pretty much shattering when sliced. I'll invite him to write some notes here.


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