056 - Spelt Wholemeal

Spelt Wholemeal Loaf
January 5, 2012

[300WM - 200SP - 250WA - 10Y] mix, autolyse 35 min
[7SA - 50WA] mix, bulk ferment 2 hrs
intial shaping, 45 min bench rest
final shaping, retard (not sure how long)
baking time 1 hr

No notes or memory for this loaf either. I used less water than usual because my wholemeal doughs tend not to expand very well, dont stretch or combine too well, and break up during fermentation, presumably because of the lower gluten content. Worked out more or less as expected. The loaf was easier to shape but the crumb was pretty dense. I think I'll be using more water next time and doing some reading in the meantime. I may have slashed a bit too deep and baked for too long. The loaf wasn't very pretty. 


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