057 - Olive Spelt White

Spelt White Loaf with Olives
January 6, 2012

[250SP - 250W - 350WA - 10Y] mix, autolyse 30 min (2330 - 0000)
[7SA - 75WA] mix, bulk ferment 2 hrs - stretch/fold every 30 min (0000 - 0200)
intial shaping, bench rest 30 min (0200 - 0230)
final shaping, retard 13 hrs (0230 - 1530)
bake 1 hr

Another late update. I realized after finishing this loaf that I've been using the "grill"/"broil" setting on the oven instead of the "bake" setting. Pretty stupid. That probably explains my overcooked tops and undercooked bottoms in this kitchen.

I decided to add a bit of olives I had left over from cooking - they were added after the first stretch and fold (30 minutes into the bulk fermentation). This dough expanded pretty rapidly and grew an extra 50% in volume, which repeated after each stretch and fold. Unexpectedly, the refrigerator was turned off during the 13 hour period but it was still colder than the ambient room temperature. Since I ended up with a warmer dough than expected, it didn't hold it's shape very well and I didn't try to slash it or further shape it.

The loaf baked for an hour at about 220'C and the top burned slightly, with the bottom cooking just enough; but it was soft to the touch and had a completely different texture than the upper crust.


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