058 - Spelt Wholemeal

Spelt Wholemeal Loaf
January 10, 2012
[250SP - 175WM - 75W - 350WA - 10Y] mix, autolyse 25 minutes (2235 - 2300)
[7SA - 50WA] mix, bulk ferment 2 hrs - stretch/fold every 30 minutes (2300 - 0100)
intial shaping, bench rest (0100 - 0130)
final shaping, retard 16 hrs (0130 - 1730)
bake 1:10 at 250'C
I didn't intend to use any white flour this time around, but I ran out of wholemeal flour. Using Dove's Organic Spelt (black bag), Shipton Mill's Wholemeal, and Waitrose's Organic Canadian Strong White.
During the bulk fermentation the dough expanded about a third in volume after each stretch and fold. At least initially, the water content seems just perfect for this mix of flour, it stretches and holds quite well without being too sticky or wet, and seems to contain the gases produced by the yeast moderately well. It was much easier to shape/handle than most of my doughs as it needed only a light coating of flour to handle and didn't stick to the work surface too much. It also wasn't very airy; my last dough was so pillowy that it was hard to shape/handle even after deflating a lot of the gas already contained by the dough. back to this loaf: At the end of the bench rest, there was only a small bit of droop and I think I did a better job of shaping it into a stubby cylinder than usual. Left it in a loaf tin to retard in the fridge for a while.

After a pretty long time proofing in the fridge, the dough hadn't expanded very much, maybe about 20% or so. The shape had held fairly well and the dough wasn't at all gloopy, if I can use that word. I coated the dough with some rye flour, made one long diagonal slash and put it into a pre-heated and steamed oven. There was only a slight oven spring. The slash opened out a little bit, curving slightly, and the bottom of the loaf cracked a bit. After 1:10 the color and texture of the crust was satisfactory so I left the loaf to cool on a rack for 2-3 hours.

The texture of the crust was quite airy and crunchy from top to bottom. The crumb was, moist, slighty gummy, and had a nice bit of bounce to it. The flavor of the wholemeal seemed a bit mellowed out from the spelt and I may have imagined a bit of the taste of rye, which I only used to coat the loaf. An okay result, but I'm glad was able to get decent shape and color on this loaf.


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