065 / 066 / 067 - Shaping Frustrations

i'm not sure if I made 2,3, or 4 loaves over the last few weeks. the first one was so disappointing that I plumb forgot to take photos. the second two were pretty much identical. I've been feeling not great enough about them to lose track of my notes. this post is an amalgamation of however many loaves I baked which seemed not-terrible other than their utter failure to show good oven spring. there are at least three sets of ratios I wrote down, each with incomplete notes. i'll just list them here. 

MIX // 400W 100RY 210LE 325WA // AUTOLYSE // (1130)
MIX // 7SA 50WA // (1430)
BULK FERMENTATION // STRETCH & FOLD // (1530, 1630, 1830, 1930, 2130)
PROOFING // (2130 - 1800) // 20:30
BAKING // (1800-1900)

I think this dough was a bit fatigued from the long autolyse. failed to take to any shaping whatsoever.. resulting in me making a complete mess in the kitchen. I gave up and shoved it in a loaf tin to sit in the fridge. resulting in a droopy shapeless lump of bread at the end of it all.

MIX // 350W 150SP 220LE 350WA // AUTOLYSE // (1900)
MIX // 8SA 50WA // (1935)
BULK FERMENTATION // STRETCH & FOLD // (2000, 2090, 2100, 2130, 2200, 2230)
SHAPING // (2230)
PROOFING // (2230 - 1330) // 15:00
BAKING // (1330 - 1430)

@2230 i only wrote 'FAIL.' I take this to mean that I tried to shape it to no avail. at the bake stage the next day I also wrote 'no shape, gloopy' meaning I tried to shape it again without any success.

MIX // 400W 100SP 225LE 275WA // AUTOLYSE // (1200)
MIX // 7SA 50WA // (1750)
PROOFING // (1800 - 1800 ) // 24:00
BAKING // (1800 - 1910)

you're not misreading that. I'm not sure what happened to this one, as I didn't take any notes for some reason. think I used less water in attempt to get a more shapeable dough. looks like I had to leave the house right after mixing up the dough, coming back to find an over-autolysed dough and decided it should go into the fridge. then, I neglected it for a full day. turned out the same as the last loaf - don't know if that's encouraging or discouraging considering how little effort went into this one. a bit stupid.  


I honestly can't even remember what the white/rye loaf tasted like. both of the subsequent loaves had a nice and airy crumb, well formed crust.. was pretty enjoyable to eat. just no surface tension on the dough = no oven spring. a bit sad, really. you can see for yourself in the photos above. 


it's getting increasingly frustrating how low my success rate has been, baking bread in the states. especially knowing the sort of loaves I was able to make in the past. 


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