012 - Basic White #9

Basic White Bread
February 1, 2011

Used a 90:10 mixture of Leckford Estate's strong white flour and Bacheldre's stoneground strong wholemeal flour. Overall ratio was 500:370:5:10 to start, added slightly more warm water after autolyse. Dough was very sticky, becoming slightly less so after about 10 minutes of kneading. Bulk fermentation was 3 hours - bench rested for 20 minutes. Folded and shaped into round, left to raise for 3 hours. Dough deflated slightly towards the end of final fermentation. Managed to completely break, stretch, and deflate the dough while transferring it to the dutch oven for cooking. Didn't manage to slash it properly either. This explains it's ugliness. Managed to burn myself today as well.

No thorough tasting notes available but this bread tasted more hearty - thankfully missing that deep fried taste I described about 010. Crust was hard and crunchy in a good way, inside was chewy with uneven sized and much larger air pockets. Definitely not as airy as 010, but not in a bad way. Looking forward to using my own leaven soon.


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