Guest Bread - Veronica G and Milica S

Guest Bread - Veronica Garcia de Cortazar and Milica Stojnic
Wholemeal Bread
February 26, 2011

Decided to have a lazy cooking day with some friends. The lovely ladies Veronica and Milica decided to try their hand at baking a wholemeal loaf!

Unfortunately we had a bit of a misunderstanding with the scale so this loaf (and my post that follows) were heavily oversalted, but the breads were otherwise decent. 

I believe Veronica took detailed notes, and I don't remember the exact times but I'll post as I remember it. 

400g wholemeal, 100g strong white, 350g warm water, 5g yeast, and an unknown large quantity of salt. Autolysed approcimately 45 minutes then added salt and water, kneaded vigorously by the ladies until the gluten developed well - the dough demonstrated some elasticity and stretch even though it was mostly composed of wholemeal flour. Shaped the dough into a round and left to rise for nearly 3 hours and folded the dough over twice during this time. 

The dough expanded to nearly twice the size - left to bench rest for 30 minutes, shaped into a round, and proved for another 30 minutes. Slashed the loaf, sprinkled with some Bacheldre rye flour, and tossed into a pre-heated dutch oven for cooking. The lid was removed 20 minutes afterwards, and the bread cooked another 30 minutes after that. 

The resulting crust was airy and crunchy, with the crumb displaying a very small bubble structure and soft texture. We were a bit impatient, so we ate the bread before it managed to cook fully - after cooling the crumb was not undercooked. 

Saltiness aside, a lovely loaf. I'm sure Vero's and Mili's next loaves will be amazing. 


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